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Competencies / Learning outcomes

The specialization course is designed in such a way that it will lead to the following competencies/learning outcomes:


  • Detecting high risk in an early stage, by means of screening.
  • Carrying out, processing, interpreting appropriate detection instruments.
  • Giving relevant information concerning speech-language development and disorders.
  • Coaching, training or advising individuals or groups.
  • Increasing public awareness on stuttering.


  • Planning, executing, evaluating and adjusting various assessments of the client and client system using standardized procedures where possible.
  • Processing, analyzing and interpreting qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Formulating, adjusting and reporting on the (differential) diagnosis and referral to appropriate services.
  • Assessing complex cases.
  • Acting as a consultant on assessment to other speech-language therapists and other professionals.


  • Developing an intervention plan, adapted to the needs of the client and client system.
  • Applying appropriate interventions, based on available evidence, in a systematic way, following methodological procedures, evaluating and adjusting appropriate.
  • Reporting on the intervention outcomes, future management and prognosis.
  • Intervening therapeutically in complex cases.
  • Working with groups.
  • Acting as a consultant on intervention to other speech-language therapists and other professionals.
  • Self-evaluation and discussion of one's own professional acts.
  • Participation on a regular basis in professional development opportunities.
  • Cooperating with colleagues and working in a multidisciplinary context.
  • Scientific reading of clinical and research literature.
  • Contributing systematically to knowledge enhancement and knowledge translation.
  • Keeping updated on current information (LLL) and related interdisciplinary developments.
  • Teaching (workshops) and supervising students.
  • Contributing to research (such as contributing to data collection, applying creative ideas, etc.)