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Mini symposium Leeds

Wrote on 14/10/13 by Kurt Eggers

Mini Symposium Leeds                                         

On Sept 2nd and 3rd 2013 the Stammering Support Centre, in association  with ECSF hosted a meeting of researchers, speech and language therapists, and people who stammer for a "joint symposium" to discuss important issues in the field of stammering. The meeting aimed to facilitate a coming together and a dialogue among those with key interests in the study of fluency disorders.

Participants opted to work in one of three groups; risk factors and early intervention, treatment/management, and public awareness. Each working group was given a set of previously agreed questions. The meeting was successful in identifying a number of areas of development and research; such as the identification of a minimum data set when assessing young children, and a proposal to measure outcomes for adult therapy using client evaluations.

If developed further, these proposals could enhance the understanding of stammering and its  treatment of those who stammer. The symposium also enabled people who stammer, clinicians, and researchers to increase their understanding of each other and develop useful partnerships in the field of stammering. Click here for the flyer.