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European Fluency Specialists

Wrote on 18/01/16 by Kurt Eggers

The ECSF consortium has been running courses for qualified SLTs since 2008 with an annual intake of around 20 students. The one-year intensive course leads to a qualification as an ECSF recognized Fluency Therapist, a significant step towards becoming a Fluency Specialist. This European group has now taken a next step to ensure that patients receive the highest possible standard of care in the EU: the development of an additional stepwise procedure to become a European Fluency Specialist.

The process of becoming a European Fluency Specialist is open to ECSF graduates as well as eligible clinicians and academics with special interest in fluency disorders. This process involves documentation re. clinical and/or academic activities, continued professional development activities, and informal discussion groups, within a time frame of three years. The EFS Board reviews the documentation, approves applications in accordance with stated criteria and registers the applicant accordingly.

The process of certification will be discussed during the next EU Symposium in Antwerp on Feb 27th.

More information can also be found on the EFS website.