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Clinical Coaching 2020-2021

Wrote on 05/05/20 by Kurt Eggers

Clinical Coaching: The steps

The coachee describes the focus of his problem or project and the goal he or she wants to achieve (Situation & Context)
The participants/group members explore the reality and the goal
Each participant summarises and paraphrases in turn the reality and the goal of the coachee.
The coachee chooses the goal he wants to work with. The participants explore until the goal is concrete.
The participants and the coachee take turns to formulate concrete options, advice or resources
After all the options and advice is given, the coachee explains which options and advice he wants to use.
The coach asks the coachee what he really will do, exploring the will.
Final Step: what has each group member learned for his own practice, his own learning process?

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Registration: Contact Inge Pincket

The coaching sessions will be web-based, using the Zoom platform. After enrolling you will receive a link to this platform. No specific installation is necessary on your computer.