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Postgraduate workshop Malta 2015

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International stuttering awareness day

Wrote on 18/10/08 by Kurt Eggers

October 22nd is International Stuttering Awareness Day. This year's focus is 'Don't be afraid of stuttering.' (Read more)

2008 Second intensive week Dublin

Wrote on 04/10/08 by Kurt Eggers

The second intensive week 2008 took place in Trinity College Dublin. Dr. Trudy Stewart was invited as guest lecturer.

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New call for applications

Wrote on 27/06/08 by Kurt Eggers

The new call for applications for the specialization course is open. Deadline is October 15th '08. (Read more)

Funding underdeveloped countries

Wrote on 27/06/08 by Kurt Eggers

The ECSF-consortium provides funding for individuals in countries where the cost for the specialization course is prohibitive. (Read more)

Specialization course takes off

Wrote on 29/04/08 by Kurt Eggers

24 participants were selected by the ECSF-consortium to take part in the first EU Fluency specialization course. (Read more)

First EU Symposium: an overwhelming succes

Wrote on 19/04/08 by Kurt Eggers

With over 300 participants of more than 25 countries, this first EU symposium was a unique and educational experience. (Read more)