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Postgraduate workshop Malta 2015

more info on the workshop  

Second E-newsletter

Wrote on 03/12/10 by Kurt Eggers

The December 2010 issue of the E-newsletter is available. (Read more)

Working towards minimal standards for European Fluency Specialists

Wrote on 19/11/10 by Kurt Eggers

The ECSF consortium presented a poster on 'Working towards minimal standards for European Fluency Specialists' at the ASHA convention in Philadelphia. (Read more)

International stuttering awareness day 2010

Wrote on 22/10/10 by Kurt Eggers

The theme for the international stuttering awareness day, October 22nd 2010, is "People who stutter, inspire!". (Read more)

ECSF 2010 Graduates

Wrote on 11/07/10 by Kurt Eggers

The ECSF consortium is glad to announce that 10 students from 8 different EU and nonEU countries have passed the portfolio evaluation. (Read more)

ECSF Specialization course as part of a PhD-training.

Wrote on 02/07/10 by Kurt Eggers

At the University of Oulu, Finland, the ESCF specialization course may be used as a part of postgraduate studies of Logopedics. Thus, the 20 credits of ECSF may be used to compose 1/3 of the studies that are required for a postgraduate degree. (Read more)


Wrote on 17/03/10 by Kurt Eggers

The first ECSF E-newsletter is online. The newsletter will be published two times a year and will bring information on the specialization course, the ECSF-consortium, new developments and on accomplishments of ECSF-students/graduates. (Read more)

Third ECSF Specialization course

Wrote on 19/02/10 by Kurt Eggers

The third ECSF specialization course will start in September 2010 in Trinity College. Registration is open. (Read more)

Intensive group therapy by ECSF-graduates

Wrote on 02/10/09 by Kurt Eggers

"... However, as a result of this course I am re-writing my story, my history, and hopefully the history of my children, and my children's children. Hopefully too, my story will inspire other stutters to begin to re-write theirs." (Read more)

European Symposium on Fluency Disorders 2010

Wrote on 02/10/09 by Kurt Eggers

Call for papers 2nd EU Symposium on Fluency Disorders (Read more)

New ECSF partners

Wrote on 02/10/09 by Kurt Eggers

Two new partners, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu, have officially joined the ECSF consortium. (Read more)

International Stuttering Awareness Day

Wrote on 01/10/09 by Kurt Eggers

Stuttering: More Than A Tangled Tongue. The 2009 online conference (the twelfth by now) opens October 1st. (Read more)

First ECSF graduates

Wrote on 05/09/09 by Kurt Eggers

Sixteen of the ECSF participants 2008-2009 successfully submitted their portfolio and graduated from the ECSF course. (Read more)

Meetings with CPLOL & ELSA

Wrote on 15/05/09 by Kurt Eggers

Preparatory meetings with CPLOL, ELSA, and future partners were held in Dublin and Antwerp. (Read more)

Evaluation by Europe's Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture

Wrote on 14/05/09 by Kurt Eggers

The 2-year ECSF curriculum development project was positively evaluated by Europe's Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture. (Read more)

Second course: The news has started to spread!

Wrote on 14/05/09 by Kurt Eggers

Participants from 11 different countries enrolled for the second specialization course. (Read more)