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Workshop 2: Public Speaking

 Public Speaking Master Class: Think Smart, Feel Smart!

Dr. Joseph G. Agius, Ed.D., is a registered Speech Language Pathologist with special interest in fluency disorders and humor research. He holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Speech and Language Studies from Trinity College, University of Dublin and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sheffield. Dr. Agius lectures at the University of Malta on ‘Fluency Disorders', ‘Language and Psychiatry' and ‘Creativity, Humor and Communication'. He is also a staff member of the ECSF- European Clinical Specialization Course in Fluency Disorders.

Course objectives:
This course focuses on effective public speaking, particularly dealing with the fear of speaking. It shows participants that public speaking is fun and easy. The course provides practice in both impromptu and prepared speeches and also addresses the important issue to 'wake 'em up!" during presentations! By the end of the course participants should be on their way to becoming successful public speakers. The only way to master public speaking is to do it! Practice makes perfect, and there is no better practice than to be in the spotlight, microphone in hand, expectant audience listening to your every word. 

Thursday Feb 13th AM:
Getting Intimate with ... Communication and Perception!
; Be Yourself- Switch ‘ON' Your Confidence; Befriending the Butterflies; Presenting to People NOT Clones
The importance of effective communication is highlighted in this session. Participants are also introduced to the principles of adult education. Another area which is discussed in this session is stage fright. This is a phenomenon that one must learn to control.  Participants are encouraged to think of any presentation as a friendly conversation rather than a formal speech. Communication with confidence is the key.       

Thursday Feb 13th M:
Thou Shall not Be Monotonous
; The Art of ... Delivering a Speech!; Impromptu Speaking; Practice
Careful preparation is the key to successful public speaking. In this session, participants are shown how to prepare a great presentation. The importance of knowing the audience is highlighted in this session. The following are also covered: developing an outline, selecting and organizing material, attention grabbing introductions and creating a memorable conclusion. Participants discover how to convey messages using their voice and body, and how to deal with eye contact. They also discover how to use statistics, quotations, stories, examples and analogies for maximum impact. Impromptu speaking is also covered in this session. Participants practice impromptu speaking during this session.

Friday Feb 14th:
Analyzing the speech
; The interview; Presenting under Pressure!; Be Prepared ...for Everything!; The Use of Humour in Presentations; Practice
During this session participants start tying it all together. Topic selection tips, research source tips, outlining tips, word choice tips, delivering the speech and the use of props are covered in this session. Participants are shown how to handle any audience no matter how hostile. How to handle an interview is also discussed during this session.
Leave nothing to chance. Participants are made aware of the problems that can occur when giving a talk. Having a ‘Plan B' up their sleeve in case equipment fails is always an important tip. Humor can be a useful tool in public speaking, so in this session participants are provided with guidelines on how to use humor in a presentation even on can't tell a joke! During this session participants are given the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and also analyze presentations as observers.

This workshop takes place on Thursday & Friday, February 13 & 14th 2020: 9am-5pm.

Thomas More University College
Campus Sint Andries
Sint Andriesstraat 2
2000 Antwerp, Belgium

EUR, handouts, lunch, coffee/tea breaks included.

Registration: see registration page
Please note that the workshop has a limited participant number.