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Presymposium workshop

The presymposium workshop is organized in cooperation with the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children, a new ECSF-associate partner.

Parent Child Interaction therapy

The workshop focuses on the Palin Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCI) (Kelman & Nicholas 2008) and includes the following:
1. A brief summary of the theoretical framework on which Palin PCI is based.
2. A description of the screening procedure to determine vulnerability to persistence.
3. An outline of the detailed child assessment, parent interview and formulation process.
4. The role of the therapeutic relationship.
5. Interaction strategies: the principles, the method and the use of video feedback.
6. Family strategies: how the family can support the child's fluency.
7. Child strategies: direct fluency skills.
8. The evidence base for Palin PCI: what has been done and future directions.

Learning outcomes:
Workshop participants will gain understanding of the theory and methods of Palin PCI, with the presentation being supported by practical exercises and video demonstrations. They will also learn about the evidence base for Palin PCI (Millard, Nicholas & Cook, 2008; Millard, Edwards & Cook, 2009).


  Elaine Kelman and Alison Nicholas are specialist speech and language therapists at the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children in London. They have contributed to the development of the various therapy programmes for children who stammer at the Centre, particularly the management of early childhood stammering. They have led and contributed to a range of publications and have participated in the Centre's national and international training programme. They have also been involved in the Centre's research programme, which includes developing the evidence base of therapy for early stammering.