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The official language is English.

Friday April 18th 2008

08.00 am Registration
08.45 am Opening Symposium
09.00 am The Psycholinguistics of Stuttering. Nan Bernstein Ratner (University of Maryland, USA) PdF
11.00 am Coffee Break
11.30 am Brain Function and Stuttering. Luc De Nil (University of Leuven, Belgium & University of Toronto, Canada) PdF
12.30 pm Lunch
01.30 pm Seminar 1
An Eclectic Social-Cognitive Behavioural Model For Stuttering Treatment. Mark Meersman (Lessius University College, Belgium) PdF
Seminar 2
Treatment of the Young Stuttering Child With Mini-KIDS. Peter Schneider (Aachen University, Germany) PdF
02.15 pm Seminar 3
The Role of Parents in an Eclectic Social-Cognitive Stuttering Therapy. René Stes (em. Lessius University College, Belgium) PdF
Seminar 4
The 'Smart Intervention Strategy' (SIS) For School-Aged Children Who Stutter. Joseph Agius (University of Malta, Malta) Pdf
03.00 pm Coffee Break
03.30 pm Videoconferencing: Possible Genetic Factors in Subtypes of Stuttering. Nicoline Ambrose (University of Illinois, USA) PdF
04.15 pm Seminar 5
Intensive Stuttering Therapy For Children and Adults. The Method and Attempts of Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy. Barbro Johannisson (Gothenburg University Sweden) PdF
Seminar 6
Solution Focused Treatment With Families of a Young Stuttering Child. Anne Breda (University College Bruges-Ostend, Belgium) PdF

05.00 pm
P-p-pieces of the puzzle. Anita Blom (Vice-chair of the European League of Stuttering Ass.)

Saturday April 19th 2008

09.00 am Diathesis-Stressor Model of Childhood Stuttering. Ed Conture (Vanderbilt University, USA) PdF
11.00 am Coffee Break
11.30 am Temperament and Attentional Processes in Stuttering. Kurt Eggers (Lessius University College & University of Leuven, Belgium) PdF
12.30 pm Lunch
01.30 pm Seminar 7
Long-term Outcome of a Social-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Ronny Boey (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
Seminar 8
Motoric Processes of Block Modification Techniques in Non-Avoidance Based IMS-Stuttering Therapy. Hartmut Zückner (Aachen University, Germany)
02.15 pm Seminar 9
Van Riper’s Use of Multiple Voices in Stuttering Modification Therapy. Analysing Clinical Interaction Between a Master Therapist and a Client Who Stutters. Margaret Leahy (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) PdF
Seminar 10
A Metaphor Says More Than Thousand Words. Carl Hylebos (Artevelde University College Ghent, Belgium) PdF
03.00 pm Coffee Break
03.30 pm Videoconferencing: Stuttering Treatment Outcomes: Considering the Entire Disorder. Scott Yaruss (University of Pittsburgh, USA) PdF
04.15 pm Closing