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Joseph Agius

Affiliation: University of Malta

CV: Joseph Agius is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Fluency Specialist. He holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Speech and Language Studies from Trinity College, University of Dublin and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Sheffield. Dr Agius has an extensive background in training, lecturing, evaluation, facilitation and program management. Principal of the Speech Language Department and employed by the Health Division, Government of Malta, he is co-responsible for the management, assessment and treatment services of communication disorders in Malta and Gozo. He lectures at the University of Malta on ‘Fluency Disorders' and ‘Language and Psychiatry'. He is also author of the iOS application 'Fluency SIS- Smart Intervention Strategy' for school age children who stutter. 

Anne Breda

Affiliation: Artevelde University College

CV: Anne Breda worked as a fluency specialist for 35 years, specialised in working with families. She is a former guest lecturer in the Postgraduate Program on Fluency Disorders at the U College Artevelde in Ghent, Belgium. She works as a lecturer and is a trainer in the Postgraduate Program ‘Coaching and Inspiring' in the same University College. She specialized, in addition to fluency disorders, as a ‘Systemic psychotherapist, Solution-Focused Therapy' (Bruges, Korzybski Institute, 2005), ‘Postgraduate program Mindfulnesstrainer' (U College Artevelde, 2011) and ‘Coach, Coaching & Inspiring' (U College Artevelde, 2012). She introduced the coaching role of the SLT in the curriculum of the Speech & Language Bachelor at the U College Artevelde. She organised clinical intervision for fluency specialists in the same U college. She is organizing a mindfulnessbased ‘Mild for Stress' program for colleagues since 2014 (The Academy, U college Artevelde). She coaches individuals, teams and organisations and supervises intervision sessions in the working field.

 Jaqueline Carmona 

  Affiliation: ESSA  Health School in Higher Education at Alcoitão 

CV:  Jaqueline Carmona works as a lecturer in fluency disorders at the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at Health School in Higher Education at Acoitão which she combines with her clinical work. Clinically she focuses on screening, diagnosis and treatment of stuttering and children with Specific Language Impairment at PIN - Progresso Infantil in Portugal. She also gives workshops on fluency disorders for older SLT's, but also for other professionals, teacher's, kindergarden educators among others. 

Luc De Nil

Affiliation:     University of Leuven & University of Toronto

CV: Luc F. De Nil is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto. He is a Senior Scientist at the Toronto Western Research Institute, an Adjunct Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and a Visiting Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). He currently is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Communication Disorders. His research interests include using behavioural testing and neuroimaging to study the neural mechanism underlying speech fluency, specifically developmental stuttering, acquired adult-onset stuttering, and Tourette's syndrome.

Kurt Eggers

Affiliation: Thomas More University College - Turku University

CV: Kurt Eggers holds a BA in Medicine, MA in SLT, and a PhD. in both Biomedical Sciences and Developmental Psychology. He is researcher and lecturer at the department of speech-language therapy and audiology at Thomas More U College and a visiting lecturer at the U of Oulu (Finland). He is ECSF-coordinator, a member of the fluency committee of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP), and was a board member of the Belgian SLT federation. He has lectured nationally and internationally on fluency disorders and his research focuses on the role of temperament & attentional processes in stuttering, normal speech disfluencies, and disfluencies in Down syndrome.

 George Fourlas

Affiliation: Stuttering Research and Therapy Centre (ΚΕΘΤ) in Athens, Greece

CV: George Fourlas holds a degree in Education (Athens), a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology (University College Cardiff) and a M.Sc in Clinical Communication Studies (SLT) (City University, London). He is a Speech and Language Therapist, head of the Stuttering Research and Therapy Centre (ΚΕΘΤ) in Athens, Greece. He is involved in clinical work, clinical supervision, mentoring and teaching. He has contributed in the development of therapy programmes for children and adults who stutter in Greek language. He is co-author of the Lexipontix programme. He has published papers and chapters in books and has given presentations in national and international conferences and workshops. He is a member of the Fluency Committee of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) and was the coordinator of the Special Interest Group in Fluency Disorders of the Panhellenic Association of Logopedists-Speech Therapists from 2008 until 2015. 

Marie-Christine Franken

Affiliation: Erasmus MC - University Medical Hospital Rotterdam

CV: Marie-Christine Franken holds a MA in Linguistics (1985), certified as a Speech-Language Pathologist (1989), and finished her PhD in Medical Sciences (1997). From 1985 to 1994 she worked as a clinical researcher in stuttering at the University Medical Centre St Radboud Nijmegen, NL, and specialised as a Fluency Expert. In 1994 she moved to Erasmus University Medical Centre, Sophia's Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, NL. Shecombines academic clinical work and speech and language research.  Her areas of clinical expertise are stutteringin pre-schoolers and speech sound disorders in children. Her research is
focused on treatment evaluation. She is an Associate Editor of the Journal ofFluency Disorders.  

Elaine Kelman

Affiliation: Michael Palin Centre

CV: Elaine Kelman is the head of the Michael Palin Centre and a consultant speech and language therapist. She has a masters degree in Human Communication and a certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She has contributed to the development of the various therapy programmes for children who stammer at the Michael Palin Centre, particularly the management of early childhood stammering. She has published a number of papers, chapters and books, including the Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy manual. She participates in the Centre's national and international training programme, has been invited to present at international conferences and she participates in the Centre's research programme. She is a RCSLT Adviser for Fluency Disorders and is President Elect of the International Fluency Association.

Tove Lagerberg

Affiliation: Gothenburg University

CV: Tove Lagerberg (University of Göteborg) holds a PhD (2013) in Speech and Language Pathology and Therapy at Gothenburg University. She is a Program coordinator of the Speech and Language Pathology program studies at Gothenburg University which she combines with teaching in the field of Fluency disorders and Pedagogical perspectives in SLP. Further Tove has part time clinical work with people who stutter, Stuttering Intensive Therapy and children with SLI. She is responsible for the curriculum on Fluency disorders at the Speech and Language Pathology Program. Her topics of research are intelligibility in children and the assessment of intelligibility. She supervises master thesis concerning Fluency disorders.

Margaret Leahy

Affiliation: Trinity College Dublin

CV: Margaret M. Leahy holds a Master of Science degree in SLT and in Literature. She has been a lecturer/Senior Lecturer and Clinical Tutorat Trinity College Dublin and previous Director of the School of ClinicalSpeech & Language Studies. Since 2005 she is Head of Discipline, Clinical Speech & Language Studies, School of Linguistic, Speech & Communication Sciences, Trinity College Dublin. She has numerous publications in international topic-related journals and was also the president of the IFA (International Fluency Association) from 2002 until 2005.

Mark Meersman

Affiliation:  Thomas More University College & University College VIVES      


CV: Mark Meersman is a Bachelor of Speech therapy and Audiology (Thomas More U College) and M Sc in Clinical Language, Speech and Hearing Sciences (Utrecht University). He lectures in fluency disorders, articulation disorders, methodology of speech therapy and behaviour analysis, and was a co-coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Fluency Disorders at Thomas More U College. He specialised in Fluency and Voice disorders and has extensive clinical experience in fluency disorders. He is a former guest lecturer in Postgraduate Program on Fluency Disorders at Artevelde College Ghent, and in the Specialisation Course on Stuttering Therapy. He published various articles and gave lectures on the treatment of fluency disorders.

Mark Pertijs

Affiliation:   The Dutch Association of Stuttering Therapy

CV: . Mark Pertijs holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Language, Speech and Hearing Sciences. He is a lecturer in fluency disorders at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. He developed a special policy on unimpeded learning for students who stutter. As a speech and language therapist he has extensive experience in working with persons who stutter. Since 2012 he is involved in the development and implementation of an "Evidence-based guideline developmental stuttering in children and adults" in cooperation with the CBO Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement. He represents the interests of the Dutch Association of Stuttering Therapy (NVST) in ECSF.

Peter Schneider

Affiliation: RWTH Aachen University

CV: Peter Schneider holds a state diploma (RWTH Aachen) in Speech and Language Therapy an in Pedagogics at the University of Munich. He worked as teacher at primary schools and specialized in fluency disorders by workshops on Van Riper Therapy, Child-centered Play- therapy, Transactional Analysis. Since 1990 he lectures on stuttering and pragmatics at the school of Logopedics, university hospital Aachen, and works as a clinician, focusing on childhood fluency disorders. He has published several books for SLTs, parents and children. Together with Patricia Sandrieser he developed the direct therapy-approach KIDS and Mini-KIDS to stuttering children. He is one of the co-authors of the German evidence- and consensus-based guideline on fluency disorders.

Marine Vanryckeghem

Affiliation: The University of Central Florida Martine Vanryckeghem

CV: Martine Vanryckeghem received her MS and Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University after having worked for 12 years as a speech-language pathologist in Belgium. Dr. Vanryckeghem, who is a professor at the University of Central Florida, is an ASHA fellow, and a Board Certified Fluency Specialist. She has published widely in peer-reviewed journals and has given workshops, internationally, with respect to evidence-based assessment and treatment of children and adults whose fluency is problematic. For her international endeavors, Prof. Vanryckeghem received ASHA's Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contribution in International Achievement. From 1990 until 2000, she was managing editor of the Journal of Fluency Disorders and is currently on the editorial board of several professional journals. Dr. Vanryckeghem is on the Scientific Board of different internationally-based organizations and serves as a consultant to clinicians and students.  

Veerle Waelkens

Affiliation: Artevelde University College

CV: Veerle Waelkens (Arteveldehogeschool Ghent) is a Bachelor in Speech therapy and Audiology (1989, Arteveldehogeschool Ghent). She specialised in fluency disorders at the Arteveldehogeschool and has since attended workshops by several authorities in the field of fluency disorders.She works as a lecturer in speech-fluency disorders and speech and Language disorders at the Arteveldehogeschool and in her private practice where she focuses on screening, diagnosis and treatment of stuttering, cluttering and and different disorders that effect the clients self-esteem, social aspects of communication (dysphasia, dyspraxia, speech anxiety,...). She is also the co-ordinator of a stuttering-treatment team that consults, counsels, trains and supports family-members and other communication-partners (Individual counselling and parental group sessions, program for teachers). Acts as a facilitator of and takes part in several intervisiongroups according to the ‘Incident method'. The intervision focusses on fluency.